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Message from Mamoru Takahashi



Due to a growing importance of renewable energy in Japanese energy policies and the markets with booming potential, Takara Asset Management was founded in October 2013 as an asset manager focusing exclusively on renewable energy fund. From August 2015, we have contracted the asset management contract with Takara Leben Infrastructure Fund and have been serving as an asset manager for the fund.

Our primary philosophy is “creating value through utilizing eco-friendly natural energy resources in order to contribute social economy development”. By operating renewable energy generation facilities through the infrastructure fund, we and the fund together aim to provide regional employment opportunities, contribute social economy development, reduce global warming, and improve energy independence.

On March 2018, we established a private equity fund. We stationed highly skilled professionals specialized in an operation of real-estate asset and aim to maximize our-valued investors’ profits through stable investment and management of capital.

We adopt and maintain high-standard governance practices and continuously improve the value of operating assets and grow the fund in order to satisfy expectations from our valued investors and clients.

We always appreciate support and guidance from all of our respectable stakeholders.

Takara Asset Management Co., Ltd.
CEO Mamoru Takahashi